Discover our different models of melted bottles.

SPOON REST : small bottles of champagne, coke or beer melted at 1200°, revisited as a utility object or decorative object. An original gift to give to your friends.

MAGNUM PRESTIGE OBJECT : melted at 1200°, customized with a champagne muselet gilded with 24K fine gold or chrome, it can be placed in a frame and thus become the symbol of a happy event, souvenir of a birthday, a marriage !

APERITIF TRAY : a pretty bottle from a large champagne house or other container melted at 1200° which becomes useful! Present your hot, oven-baked appetizers in its container, there's nothing like it to impress your guests!

SUGGESTION : if you have a personal bottle that you would like to “sacred”, simply send your request by email to to establish a quote.