Where and how are jewelry made?

My jewelry is all sewn by hand , in France in my showroom workshop located in Nice where I have worked and lived for over 20 years.

What materials are used to make your models?

All my jewelry is born from my passion to create, to harmonize materials through shades of color with a concern for balance. The supports are champagne barrels from major French houses. I dismantle them one by one to give them a personal shape which is then gilded with fine gold by my gilder or chromed, silvered or coppered then hot varnished at 150° in the tank. Back at the workshop, I compose my compositions on these elegant bases using pearls, crystals, semi-precious stones or trimmings...the jewel is thus born and becomes timeless.

What is 24K fine gold plating?

Fine gold-plated jewelry is covered with a thin layer of gold, but unlike Gold Plated, the plating layer is less than 3 microns.
There are no French regulations on veneer thickness. However, all of my fn gold jewelry has a plating thickness between 0.03 and 1 micron (often called "Flash").

To acquire the designation Gilded with fn gold, the plating must be made with 24 carat gold. You will have understood, jewelry gilded with fn 24K gold contains less gold which is why my gilder applies a layer of hot varnish at 150° in the tank to protect the gilding.

FN gold gilding is certified lead and nickel free and does not cause allergies.

What is a Gold finish?

Gold finish jewelry does not contain any gold or really very little (not enough for the gold-plated designation fn). They are generally metal alloys which are similar to gold by their golden yellow color like copper or
brass for example. We will find rose gold, satin gold as well as matte gold.

I want to take good care of my jewelry...What should I do?

If you are concerned about guaranteeing a long and beautiful life for your jewelry, avoid sea bathing or chlorine in swimming pools. Avoid storing them in your bathroom subject to humidity, prefer a dry room.
But above all, don't spray them with perfume, hairspray or dry shampoo and you will keep your jewelry as good as new.

How to maintain fine river pearls?

The fne pearl is alive, it feeds on the humidity of the air.
Never close it in a plastic bag,
Place it in the ventilated tulle pouch in which the jewel on which it is sewn is delivered so that it breathes and maintains its shine.
Do not spray it with perfume, dishwashing detergent, hairspray or alcohol, otherwise it will tend to turn green and dull before dying.

My jewelry has a problem... What should I do?

All my jewelry is guaranteed for life... So if you encounter the slightest problem, do not hesitate to contact me by email reinsch.corinne@gmail.com or by telephone at +33 6 87 30 75 89. Depending on the nature of the problem, I will repair the jewelry.

I have a piece of jewelry purchased several years ago. It needs some repairs. Can you repair it?

All my jewelry is created by hand. The materials are hand-sewn and each model is unique. So if one of your old models purchased has a problem or worn material, you can contact me at reinsch.corinne@gmail.com or at +33 6 87 30 75 89. I will do what is necessary so that your jewelry comes back to you as new by restoring it so that it can be repaired with the greatest care.

I have a particular outfit for which I want to accessorize with a custom-made piece of jewelry, is this possible?

I can make custom jewelry (earring, necklace, ring, brooch). Simply send me the photo of your outfit by email to the following address reinsch.corinne@gmail.com and tell me what you want.
A quote will be sent to you accompanied by sketches with the different proposals.

I have damaged, broken family jewelry that I hold dear, can you restore it?

I am a jewelry designer and passionate about upcycling: this art of restoring everything in order to give a second life to materials. I can therefore repair your defective jewelry but even more I can bring them together by creating a brooch or a ring or even a necklace by harmonizing all of your mismatched pieces with my chosen materials: fine pearls, crystal, semi-precious stones, trimmings or any other materials necessary for the chosen theme.

Where do you deliver?

I deliver my jewelry to mainland France, the French Overseas Territories, Europe and the rest of the world. Jewelry delivery in Paris, London, New York, Lyon, Marseille and all four corners of the world possible.

Can I choose the delivery method?

Yes, the delivery method is selected before payment. My jewelry can be sent by Colissimo, via courier in Paris or to a Mondial Relay relay point. You can also come and collect them from our showroom in Nice by making an appointment by phone or email.

Can I be delivered to a different address than the billing address, for example to make a gift?

Yes, it's possible, my jewelry is very well presented in its gift packaging. You can therefore have your gift delivered directly to the person for whom your gift is intended. To do this, indicate the delivery address of your choice when paying. And no worries, the package does not contain the invoice with the price.

Can I add a personalized word? ✍

When validating the basket, you can add a personalized word. I would write it by hand on a small card which will be attached to the bag containing the jewelry.

What is a Relay Point - Mondial Relay?

A Relay Point is a local business or post office belonging to the Mondial Relay distribution network.
It could be a fire specialist, a dry cleaner, a tobacconist... It's up to you to choose once the order has been validated. For more information about Mondial Relay. Go directly to: https://www.mondialrelay.fr/

I am not comfortable ordering online. Could you help me ?

If you wish, I can place the order directly with you by telephone. Send us a message on reinsch.corinne@gmail.com or call me on +33 6 87 30 75 89

What payment method do you accept?

I accept payments by Bank Card (VISA, MASTERCARD and CARTE BLEUE) and payments made with your PAYPAL account . Regarding payment by check, I process the order upon receipt of payment.