Arnaud Guilliams

A duo work with the sculptor Arnaud Guilliams for the

2 Aéria and Thalassa sculptures for which I made the champagne muselet regalia.

Geopholis UNESCO 06

I am an ambassador Sustainable development of the Géopholis UNESCO 06 network for 12 years.

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The FRANCE CANCER association

The FRANCE CANCER association of Cannes La Bocca for the collection of corks in support of cancer research.

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Béatrice Cargnelutti - Photographer

Béatrice carries out the photo shoots with models and the art photos with my creations.

Rocked by the world of art and inspired by fashion, Béatrice's sensitivity is expressed through light, colors and textures, in a natural, soft and elegant style.

Capturing emotions among looks, expressions... these are the images she likes.

Béatrice likes to capture spontaneous and authentic moments with simplicity and kindness.
Being a photographer, for her, is much more than a job, it is a vocation.
It's the freedom of being able to express your emotions through an image.
His areas of expertise are numerous:
Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Pregnancy, Underwater photos

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Jean François Giordana - Jeweler

I collaborate with jeweler Jean François Giordana for the surface treatments of my jewelry as well as for the creation of molds.

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