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Corinne Reinsch



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The RUBY mandala painting is a creation made with plates of champagne bottles from the major French champagne houses: DEUTZ, RUINART, ROEDERER...

They are harmonized in shades of orange and red with 24K gold-plated muzzles.

The entire composition is included in a round crystal resin with a diameter of 36 cm.

The board is equipped with powerful magnets that clip onto the glass matrix magnets framed with black wooden sticks that measure 53 cm high by 43 cm wide.

This MANDALA painting is part of a collection of 5 different interchangeable paintings: TAITTY Copper gray, DEUTZY Black and White, LAFITY Bright blue silver and NACRY Mother-of-pearl silver, MOETY Black gold, ROEDY

It is therefore possible to easily change the model of the round resin mandala painting by clipping it onto its matrix. Innovative, original and unique concept.

The Mandala painting is a unique piece.

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