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Corinne Reinsch



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Modular magnetic ring with real champagne capsules.

Several adaptable collections are available to you.

Two powerful magnets allow you to adapt the capsule of your choice: one located on the ring frame and the other under the chosen capsule.

Several choices of capsules are offered to you:

Capsule in 3 golds: yellow gold (gilded with shiny fine gold)

white gold (shiny silver) or pink gold (copper gilding).

Capsule of your favorite champagne: a well-known brand or a generic one (the one that champagne houses choose when they have not published their own visual.

Personalized capsule ring: send me the capsule from your private collection, souvenir of a birthday, a wedding or an evening with friends and I will adapt it to the frame of your gold-plated metal fine, chrome or copper plated.

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