Some video clips of my achievements

France Bleu Azur - CVLD - Sept 2018

Ca Vaut Le Détour TV show hosted by Eric Charay, devoted to Corinne Reinsch who talks about her passions, her jewels, her dresses and her vision of being an engaged artistic designer.

Azur TV - La Grande Emission - April 30th, 2017

La Grande Emission is hosted by Eric Charay, Virginie Decorte, Thierry Mesnage and Rémy Molinari. The show is produced by Sébastien Lyotard. La Grande Emission of the April 30th, 2017, devoted to Corinne Reinsch who speaks about her artistic actuality.

The Amazons of Modern Times

ECOGLAM Fashion Show at the "Eze Extravagance Festival".
Film directed by Alex Guillemin

An eatable flowered dress !!

On the Eco-Citizens' Day at the Maison de l'Environnement in Nice, I presented the new dress "GREEN dress" in stabilized plants dotted with fresh edible flowers.

ECOGLAM Fashion Show for the Solidarity UNESCO 06 Network

Presentation of the Special Event Dresses during the ECOGLAM fashion show for the Solidarity UNESCO 06 Network at the Palais Miramar in Cannes.

Music by Sound Designer Laurent Chalef
Video by Anais Calmels and Eve Fumaroli
Edition by Eve Fumaroli