Muzzle Creations

My mastery of the diversion of Champagne corks wirehoods, now exceeds the range of my jewelry, and extends to all areas of art : design objects, fashion and sculptures, representing my unique claw in Europe.

The Thematic Magic ConeThe Thematic Magic Cone

The Thematic Magic Cone

Luminous sculpture made up of 3000 Champagne corks gold-plated muzzles. Original and unique piece (height : 2m20) to rent for your corporate events, inaugural parties, weddings, baptisms, birthdays ...

It can be divided into 4 themes of your choice:

  • CHAMPAGNE CONE : Glasses containing Champagne are placed on the cone at the disposal of your guests.
  • CHOCOLATE CONE : chocolates with personalized messages ("Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year", Corporate logo ...).
  • DRAGEES CONE : Almond or chocolate dragees, color at choice, presented in tulle candy box.
  • JEWEL CONE : Keychain or champagne caps wrist-straps presented in a transparent ball.

The artwork is for rent, quotation on demand.

Design ObjectsDesign Objects

Design Objects

Creation of decorative objects from Champagne muzzles, declined in 3 colors (chrome, copper, or gold))

SPHERES of various diameters to hang or to place on table.



Original paintings and sculptures created from muzzles.

EFFERVESCENCE : First sculpture of the collection, gold plated spheres of different diameters.

Collaborative WorksCollaborative Works

Collaborative Works

Collection of several sculptures created in duet with Arnaud GUILLIAMS for the sculpture, and Corinne REINSCH for the ornaments in champagne muzzles.

THE BLUE ANGEL: first sculpture of the serie, realized in human-size.