Other Art Works

My will to leave the frame considered too restrictive of the confined exhibition places has pushed me to realize "large formats" worls and inter-active works with the public.
The desire to give a monumental dimension to the vision of the jewel (for I consider each installation as a jewel) urges me to realize not only "off-camera" sculptures visible from afar by the public who becomes actor by activating the pedal of the ECCENTRIC CYCLO and the wheels turn together producing some light.
The suspended mobiles of ETHER are double-sided, sometimes they allow the sewing of heteroclite materials to glimpse, sometimes they send the reading of a pronoun I, YOU, SHE ... which throws a message :
"Let us all be united in the same approach: consume differently !"

Artworks are for rent, quotation on request.


    Monumental works entirely realized with recycled materials and recovered by several associations, clubs and traders of the region.

    The work of 2m50 high and 7m long has been fixed between the 2 palm trees of the Jardin Ludique, arranged so that young and old can slip into the decor for the delight of photographers. It will thus become the symbol of the alliance between Man and Nature : The fundamental principle of the ARTSENS association.


    The ENTRECIEL web

    Triangular boat sail (3M x 7M) on which are sewn spiral jumping ropes of various diameters (5cm to 30cm) and different colors (red, orange and yellow) with cans lids. The whole art work represents the sun in fusion, source of all life.


    The Jewel Symbolism

    Monumental jewels from bicycle wheels of 0.50M in diameter and heteroclite materials, pivoting on their axis. Suspended with several removable tentacles in forged metal of 2m high.


    Interactive work : when the pedal turns, everything lights up!

    Monumental work created from bike parts. Interactive : the wheels turn and illuminate the sculpture, the horns, the bells offer the idler to become an actor by operating them. A symbol of a "responsible" and "committed" approach, the artist denounces through his work the overheating of consumerism by proposing recycling for artistic purposes, recovering and transforming everything.